Under the Patronage of the Municipality of Rome
Vadis al Maximo English version
Thousands upon thousands will arrive in Rome for the Vadis al Maximo celebration in October of 2009. The Legions will march again through the city streets. Gladiators will compete before the cheering crowds. The ancient arts will flourish on the squares. The aroma of ancient foods will fill the air. And everywhere, scented garlands will dress Rome again. 

Restoration of the monumental Circus Maximus can be accomplished within a five-year time frame. Efforts should resolve in a completed Circus Maximus to host for the world the "Great Games". The Games will arrive between Olympics and mark the great beginning and renewal at the Circus and show-case all the entertainments. These Great Games will create the "Big Bang" for big sponsorship - much as the Olympics does.

The Great games will be a week-long festival.
1): In preparation, the Vadis Group will organize a completely functional international Chariot Racing League - where in the five years, an ongoing and heady competition will culminate at the first opening of the new Circus Maximus stadium. This league will have the Four Factions. The chariot-races will high-light the show. 
2): The greatest modern circus acts will perform - Barnum-like.
3): The greatest music, from symphony to the top rock bands will perform. Perhaps we will adopt an international theme where the world-wide televised event addresses imperative themes of global-warming and hunger.

4): There should be Equestrian games.
5): World title boxing.
6): Olympic running and track competition. We shall solicit sanctioned meets.
7): There might also be a temporary water set-up for sea battle scenes.
8): There shall be X-games competition. 
9): Various martial arts can be featured.
World Chariot Racing Federation
     The Reds
     The Greens
     The Blues
     The Whites

Sponsored teams could compete under one of the flag banners - Ferrari under the Reds, for instance.

The Vadis group will make a list of an historical set of accouterments from which a set of Racing Chariot Standards will be created. 

We invite separate chariot racing clubs for input on the chariot racing standards where such standards will be created by agreement. From these Racing Standards, new and advanced versions can be made. Instead of the wicker of the ancient chariots, perhaps Graphite and Kevlar. 

While any chariot type can race in specified heats, high-level racing resolves to the light racing chariot. 

In ancient Rome, a Circus was conducted and paid for by a particular group. “Republican Circus on Wednesday, Democrat Circus on Friday.”
There are many possible modern sponsors of Chariot races at the Circus. -  Along with the many more normal large venue yearly uses.
These will be:
     World Soccer
     Multi-court Tennis
     Chariot racing
     Horse racing
     Possibly car and motorcycle racing. 
     X -games sports
     Conventions and Tourism
Semi-Opaque Cover 
    with Retractable Roof
Covered Circus Stadium
Original Open Style Venue 
Circus Maximus


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