Circus Maximus - Backgrounds for the Chariot race. ~ Part of a film in production ~

Fully animated horses and chariots proceed down the track where various sections of the Spina or barrier of the Circus Maximus are seen, firstly, looking southeast from within the track as the horses advance toward the camera-view. The Pulvinar of the Circus is to the left [excerpted from "the Chariot Race" by Gerome, permissions from U of Chicago]. The graphics were built with the correct altars and monuments known by scholarship or as can be surmised by study. 

The chariots are in a breakneck race which comes around the turning-post to head for a finish; - replete with dust, grinding wrecks under the Caesar, swooning women and the cheering crowds.

Scrolling Down: The starting gates are to the northwest with close-ups which reel as the race progresses. There are full monumental stables and theater preparation areas behind the starting gates. The close-up of the center portal shows the access street receding into the distance. The colonnaded garden on the right has its full set of marble columns facing traffic. - Only the column-edges can be seen from this angle. The Temple of Hercules stands beyond - as it always has.  The next scenes are POV down-track to southeast again as the race turns and heads for it's finish.


The Italian World Cup Soccer winners are  greeted by one million  - in the Circus Maximus 
              Watch the video:  World Cup Party

Roman Screen-savers

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View of the Spina at the Obelisk of Augustus

View of the Spina, Dolphins and the base of the Obelisk of Constantius

View of the Spina at the Shrine of Apollo

View of the Oppidum with Starting Gates or Carceres

View of Egg Lap-markers and Judge's Pavilion

View of Oppidum and North Tower

View of Porta Pomae

View of Oppidum and South Tower

Around the Meta Secunda or Second Turn

View of the Cavea or Seating Stands before the Meta Secunda or Second Turn

View of the Cavea

View of the Harena run-up from the Starting Gates

View of the Spina at Meta Secunda with Apollo and the Genius of the Circus

View of the Carceres - Starting Gates

A crushing turn at the Meta Secunda

View of the Meta Secunda, Genius of the Circus, Apollo, Castor and Pollux

Genius of the Circus

Castor and Pollux

The Right-side toward the Southeast

Running on the right-side with the Temple of the Sun and Podium

Right-side with the Temple of the Sun and Podium - Shrine of Murcia and the Arch of Titus

The Temple of the Sun and Podium    Proof: To Podium

Shrine of Murcia and the Arch of Titus

Shrine of Murcia

Cybelle and Spina Monuments

Victory Welcomes the Winner

The Arch of Titus  Proof: Study of Arch of Titus

Eos, Goddess of the Dawn, brings the day to her brother, Sol, the Sun God who rides his Chariot across the Sky and tenders his charge to older sister, Luna, who carries the day through the Oceans of Night...
Sol - God of the Sun

Sister Luna - Crown of the Moon holding her Torch under the Cover of Night

Sister Eos - Goddess of the Dawn

Temple of the Sun  Proof: To Coin Study - God of Sun

Podium and Stairs to the Temple of the Sun     Proof: To Stairs Study


Downtrack on the Right-side at Temple of the Sun

Downtrack at the Starting Gates on the Right-side

Downtrack on the Right-side


Dolphins, Pavilion and Shrine to the Sun

Images are Copyright 2012 Robert Cole

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