Under the Patronage of the Municipality of Rome
Vadis al Maximo English version

The Vadis Parade and
The Vadis al Maximo Magna Festa with Chariot racing and the Insulae Urbis
Are pending current Approval

The Grand Endeavor Proposal by Robert Cole
We endeavor the restoration of the Grandeur of the Eternal City of Rome.
We invite the world for this Grand Gesture: An endeavor of the cooperative restoration of the Great Buildings of ancient Rome.

To this end, a Roman Restoration Consortium shall be formed. The Italian delegation will be the first member. 

We seek member delegations from all countries wishing to enjoin the restoration of the great buildings of Rome to elevate, celebrate and provide again, the shining beacon and foundation of the civilized world.

We shall restore the Forum.
We shall restore the Circus Maximus
We shall restore the Palatine
We shall restore the FORI IMPERIALI

The City of Rome shall draft a Charter for the activities of the Roman Restoration Consortium and amend all necessary, practicable and statute law.

Offices of the Roman Restoration Consortium shall marshal departments, control business and banking. They shall interact and report with all appropriate levels of the Italian Government and government of the City of Rome. They shall oversee the placement and positioning of sponsors both international and local, corporate and individual. They shall hold Copyrights and Trademarks; and manage endorsements.

For the Consortium:
There shall be a Department of Archaeology and Antiquities
There shall be a Department of Architecture
There shall be a Department of Finance
There shall be a Department of Public Relations
There shall be a Department of Parks and Recreation

Offices of the Roman Restoration Consortium will ready the restorations, park and all concessions for ongoing management by the City of Rome.

The Consortium will be a limited partnership and will pass itís offices and institution to the City of Rome upon completion of Restoration charter tasks.

There shall be a permanent monument built to house the National Salute for the generous efforts of the Restoration Consortium member nations into posterity. There will be plaques and media for the countries and leaders who have displayed foresight in their gracious acts of placing world responsibility in restoring Rome for future generations.

A Series of Projects
Restoration of a series of sites is best under taken, consecutively.

Therefore, the various departments each have a series of steps at each site and must move on to the next site in paced order.
There needs to be site preparation for coordinated Archaeological excavations of each element at each site.

The site preparation team moves on to the next site just as the Archaeology work begins.

The Architecture group will necessarily be correcting and updating their construction plans and strategies from input of the Archaeology department.

The Architecture group designates construction and coordinates the transfer of work as the Archaeology teams finish their work at each site.

Order of Restoration
The festivities and race of the celebration of Consualia at the Shrine of Consus is where the taking of the Sabine Women marked the beginning of Rome. So began the tradition of Circus racing and games that sprang up around the Alter of Consus in celebration of the Founding.

As the Meta-Prima, three cones of the first turn, are seated atop the Alter of Consus, the Circus Maximus has always held the very beginning and beating heart of Rome. It becomes imperative that the Circus and itís grounds are restored.

The Circus Maximus is the easiest and least expensive of ancient Romeís great monumental buildings to restore. It is fortunate that it is also the one building that will bring the greatest and most diverse national and international interest, being the greatest of Rome's buildings and grandest public place. Restored, the Circus is at once, the oldest and yet newest large public venue. The colonnaded shops along the Palatine and Aventine will easily be Europeís greatest Mall. The grandest fashions and the grandest cars; and the grandest foods, - in the grandest building.

All aspects of the Roman Restoration should be filmed. A rich cornucopia of archaeological, national and international film and media will yield a host of film and documentary materials.

Restoration of the Circus Maximus
The project and all of itís elements from beginning to finish shall be mapped and arranged to the Restoration Site-plan and Project Time-line.
The developing site-plan and time-line shall be the main concern of a Committee of Department Heads reporting to the Restoration Consortium and acting as project over-site.

Liaisons from the Departments of City Public Works, power, water, sewage and streets will coordinate the necessary utilities concerns with the Restoration Project over-site committee and aligned with the Project Time-line.

An architectural team, coordinating with the over-site committee will apply a schematic of events and construction activities to the time-line.

The full site plan will be created with the Archaeologists, architects and city-planners and submitted for final approval.

Step 1 - Archaeology
An excavation strategy will be embraced for the Circus Maximus where necessary site preparation plans are created and tied with the over-site committee and Project Time-line. Team heads will be chosen by the Archaeology Director. Each team will concentrate excavations on specific areas of the Circus grounds.

Coordinated with the Time-line, these will be:
1): The Semi-Circular end, including the Arch of Titus.
2): The Podium Tribunal, Stairs, Temple of the Sun and south (Aventine) Cavea
3): The Pulvinar and entire north (Palatine) Cavea seating stands
4): The Spina including Meta Prima and Shrine of Consus
5): Entire Oppidum, North and South Towers, Porta Pomae and Carceres
6): The Entire Track

A coordinated transition from the Archaeology work to the construction endeavors will engage as the Archaeology advances to the next site.

It is important that the site plan and time-line are developed and amended in progress by all agencies.

Step 2 - Construction shall begin

Step 3 -  Construction finishes
The City will take possession of the grounds and Parks offices for permanent management of a new Circus Maximus venue in Rome.

At once, the Grandest Large Venue in Europe

United States Coordinator
800-952-8262 - 707-601-0922
Scale from P. Ciancio Rossetto from ERRATA to the text, Roman Circuses, Arenas for Chariot Racing, Humphrey, John H. 1986; permissions from University of California Press.