A Dance of Destiny: Within these walls, the Nika Revolt was crushed after the people went against Blue-blood, Justinian.
Bolstered from retreat by Empress Theodora, "Royalty is a good burial shroud" their generals stormed the rebellion
from the south side and the Gate of Death on the north. 30,000 died.
January 10th 532

The Obelisks of Constantinople
Three Viper Heads hold 
the Golden Bowl of "The Tripod" 
Now called the Serpentine Column
Half-way between the Obelisks

Here you are on the Spina

Obelisk of Theodosius
Originally Pharaoh Tutmoses III

The Hieroglyphs show the finest development in design

of any time or culture throughout human history

Base of the Obelisk: The Court of Theodosius at Circus
It took 32 days to raise the Obelisk

 The Semi-Circular End
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